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The Scottish Parliament

Passage of the Mental Health (Public Safety and Appeals) (Scotland) Bill 1999 (SPPB 1)

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An essential reference tool for everyone interested in Scottish Parliament legislation, the "Passage of the Bill" series contains all official documents relating to individual Parliamentary Bills.

The series, which is bound in high-quality volumes, provides the reader with quick access to relevant documents, aiding the establishment of the origin of a particular provision in an Act, and allows debates to be followed through the different stages. A typical volume includes:

  • every print of the Bill;

  • accompanying documents, including the Explanatory Notes;

  • every Marshalled List of amendments from Stages 2 and 3;

  • every Groupings list from Stages 2 and 3;

  • the lead Committee's "Stage 1 report";

  • the Official Report of the Stage 1 and Stage 3 debates in Parliament;

  • the Official Report of Stage 2 committee consideration;

  • the Minutes of relevant Committee meetings and of the Parliament for Stages 1 and 3.

The Act itself is not included. The first volume (SPPB 1) deals with the Mental Health (Public Safety and Appeals)(Scotland) Bill 1999, which became the first Act of the Scottish Parliament. The next titles in the series will be:

  • SPPB 2: Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Bill 1999

  • SPPB 3: Budget (Scotland) Bill 2000

  • SPPB 4: Census (Amendment)(Scotland) Bill 2000

  • SPPB 5: Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Bill 2000

It is intended that all future Bills will be available in this format, two months after the publication of the Act of Parliament. A standing order facility is available which enables customers to receive all future volumes, to set up this service contact CUSTOMER SERVICES ON 0870 600 5522 quoting standing order number 66 25 032.

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