TSO has partnered with Drinkaware to bring you an amazing deal on their E-learning and resource packs. Drinkaware strive to promote safety and awareness around the consumption of alcohol and empower people to make better choices around their drinking.

Whether you are an individual looking to track your intake, or a business looking to support your staff wellbeing, the E-learning course and resource packs contain everything you need to start. Read on to find out which option best suits your individual needs.

One resource pack includes:

  • The alcohol unit measuring cup, because keeping track of how many units you drink at home can help you stay on top of your drinking.
  • A unit and calorie calculator, an easy-to-use, rotating wheel that measures the alcoholic unit content and calories in the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverages.
  • A 24-page workbook comprising of everything you need to know about alcohol, including what a unit is, the short and long term risks to your health and how to achieve big benefits from small changes. All medical and health related content is reviewed by Drinkaware's independent Medical Advisory Panel.
  • The E-Learning course is packed with quizzes, videos and challenges, it keeps the learner engaged and thinking about the importance of moderating their drinking habits.
  • All E-learning purchases for 50 or more individuals come with a free A3 poster. Great for any workspace, it shows what a unit of alcohol looks like for different beverages. The poster also has a QR code that will lead those who scan it to a page with more useful information.

Discount Matrix - The more you buy, the more you save'(PDF)

This offer includes:

  • Alcohol unit measuring cup
  • Unit and calorie calculator wheel
  • Informative workbook
  • E-Learning course
  • FREE poster for 50+ learners