The Motor Vehicles (EC Type Approval) Regulations 1998

Statutory instruments 2051 1998

Corporate Author:
Great Britain
TSO (The Stationery Office)

Enabling power:European Communities Act 1972, s. 2 (2). Issued:01.09.1998. Made:19.08.1998. Laid:01.09.1998. Coming into force:23.09.1998.Effect:S.I. 1993/1221, 2198; 1994/617, 1570; 1995/2328; 1997/191, 1501 revoked and S.I. 1992/3107 amended. Territorial extent and classification:E/W/S/NI. General. Revoked by S.I. 2009/717 (ISBN 9780111477298). EC note: Implements provisions of DIR 70/156/EEC and 87/403/EEC and 98/14/EC about Members States systems for granting EC type approval for light passenger vehicles, and also implements provisions of the following new standards for vehicles: DIR 97/39/EC amending 75/443/EEC, 97/28 amending 76/756/EEC, 97/29/EC amening 76/757/EEC, 97/30/EC amending 76/758/EEC, 97/31/EC amending 76/760/EEC, 97/32/EC amending 77/539/EEC, 97/19/EC amending 70/221/EEC, 97/20/EC amending 72/306/EEC, 97/21/EC amending 80/1269/EEC, 98/27/EEC, 96/79/EC, and 98/12/EC.

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