Report on the inquiry into education and training for industry first report, session 2001/2002 Vol. 1 Report and proceedings of the Committee relating to the report

Northern Ireland Assembly reports Session 1 (2001/2002)

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Corporate Author:
Great Britain Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Employment and Learning
Birnie Esmond chairman
TSO (The Stationery Office)

Productivity in Northern Ireland is significantly lower than that of its competitors; it is, for example, just over 50% of the level achieved by the USA. Education and training have an important role in increasing productivity and the role of this enquiry is to examine and make recommendations to improve the contribution of further and higher education, including university-based research and development. There are 43 recommendations under the headings of skills; further education; higher education; other education training providers; qualifications and curriculum; removing barriers to education; careers education and guidance; developing the enterprise culture.

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