First report on Training for Success: together with the minutes of proceedings of the Committee relating to the report and the minutes of evidence first report session 2007/2008

Northern Ireland Assembly reports 34/07/08R Session 2007-2008

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Corporate Author:
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Employment and Learning
Sue Ramsey (chairman)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

Training for Success replaced Jobskills as the Department for Employment and Learning's (the Department) primary professional and technical training programme in September 2007. Jobskills had been in place since April 1995. The central theme of the new programme is to promote professional and technical based training as a highly valued alternative to academic education. Jobskills had been the subject of significant criticism by the Northern Ireland Audit Office (HC 762, session 2003-04, ISBN 9780102925463) and by the Public Accounts Committee (HC 564, session 2005-06, ISBN 9780215026040). Given the scale of criticism, the Committee for Employment and Learning considered it important that the replacement, Training for Success, should be the subject of early review and scrutiny. The objective of this early review was to monitor and scrutinise the early stage roll-out and delivery of the programme and to recommend any policy or process changes which will improve the programme delivery. The Committee considers it important that the complete spectrum of young persons' needs and abilities are fully recognised within the training programme, and finds that Training for Success provides the structure to allow for this comprehensive coverage. The Committee noted stakeholder concern around a number of key operational aspects of Training for Success and has made a number of recommendations on them. These are: trainees' wages and allowances; travel costs; adult (all-age) and part-time apprenticeships; in-house training versus work placements; accessibility to employers; training for persons with a disability; and essential skills. Other recommendations cover procurement, the promotion of apprenticeships, and specific departmental interventions with respect to the construction, automotive and retail sectors.

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