Design Thinking Basics: an introduction to the DTMethod


Inprogress Design Lab®
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To support certification in DTMethod, the Inprogress Design Lab provides a comprehensive guide for organisations and individuals to enhance their design and user journey.

Design is part of every project, product, or solution. It determines how a consumer or business interacts with products and provides insight to how organisations are perceived.

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Design thinking is an approach to designing new products, processes and services (solutions). Solutions are designed and delivered using a variety of models, tools and methods depending on the preferences of an organisation and its challenges.

Design thinking is not a single methodology but a way of working that involves different methods of operation.

By learning and practicing the DTMethod, organisations will benefit by:

  • reducing risk by assessing if projects are feasible before they start

  • reducing costs for projects

  • increasing the benefits obtained by products, processes and services

  • reducing uncertainty about the duration and level of people's involvement in the Design Thinking process

  • enabling the inclusion of Design Thinking into the routine activity of projects

  • preparing employees for effective work during Design Thinking workshops

  • increasing the possibility of designing a good Solution.

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