Hydraulics, Pumps and Water Supplies

Fire Service Manual - Volume 1: Fire Service Technology, Equipment and Media

HM Fire Service Inspectorate
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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'Hydraulics, Pumps and Water Supplies' is designed to replace Book 7 of the Manual of Firemanship, 'Hydraulics, Pumps and Pump Operation'. Much of the text is taken from that publication but the format has changed significantly. Hydraulics theory has been condensed to enable firefighters to understand the behaviour of water and the firefighting equipment it controls, and to make informed decisions regarding the supply and management of water.

This publication supersedes 'Manual of Firemanship: A Survey of the Science of Fire-Fighting – Book 7: Hydraulics, Pumps and Pump Operation' (ISBN 0113406029).

Extent 130 pages ISBN 9780113412167
Size A4 Price £33.00
Format Paperback Published 31 May 2001
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