Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS) Issue 1


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The Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS) sets the global gold standard in product authentication for cannabis production, distribution and sale.

Authored by Purity-IQ, with contributions from industry experts, CAPS addresses the lack of global standardisation in this area by detailing the requirements for good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and good agricultural practice (GAPs), supplemented with detailed scientific standard operating procedures to establish product identity, authenticity and consistency. CAPS instructs organizations in how to develop a stepped approach for implementing an authenticity and identify management system, in which GMPs and GAPs are documented, verifiable, validated, and proven to be effective.

CAPS is underpinned by science and is outcome-based. It allows for flexibility in approach and is not unnecessarily prescriptive, helping organizations achieve their regulatory and risk-based objectives.

Organizations that conform to the CAPS requirements, as set out in this publication, will have the opportunity to access Purity-IQ's patent-pending testing and registration services, through a growing list of Purity-IQ licensed cannabis laboratories. Finally, those organizations who successfully become third-party recognized as successfully meeting the CAPS requirements on an ongoing basis, will have the right to use the CAPS-CERTFIED logo. The CAPS-CERTFIED logo allows sites and brands to market their unique cannabis/hemp products as having achieved the maximum degree of due diligence, while building trust and loyalty with consumers.

The CAPS publication is the first step on your journey to guaranteeing a consistently high-quality cannabis or hemp product, and differentiating yourself in the marketplace with an evidence-based stamp of quality.

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