The London Gazette

The Gazette
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Published daily (Monday to Friday) by The Stationery Office, The London Gazette contains notices which must be made public because of a statutory requirement to do so before certain legal powers can be exercised or legal procedures finalised.

Information is given on notices of bankruptcies, appointment of liquidators or meetings of creditors. Local Authorities place notices in The Gazette, e.g. closing of roads and footpaths, acquisition of land for development etc., to coincide with the appearance of notices in the local press.

Supplements: Regular supplements are available as a standing order, and occasional supplements are published to announce such events as the New Year and Queen's Birthday honours, military and civilian awards and certain royal proclamations.

Electronic Gazette:

The London Gazette is an annual subscription. It is available as a paper subscription and, also electronically.

You can receive The Gazette in PDF format each day or we can tailor a bespoke data feed to meet your needs. To discuss the receipt of The Gazette electronically please call 01603 696701 or email:

For more information about our data service please visit (opens in new window).

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