Scotland's Living Landscapes Series

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has produced several series of fascinating guides to the natural environment of Scotland: the most popular of these has proved to be Scotland's Living Landscapes. This series looks at habitats: how and why they develop (naturally or with human intervention); the wildlife that they are home to; and the cultural heritage associated with them.

Machair: Scotland's Living Landscapes Series

Machair is a rare coastal habitat known for its vast array of colourful wildflowers and abundant birdlife. Find out how Scotland's machair has developed over generations....more

Grasslands: Scotland's Living Landscapes Series

Created by man and maintained by farming, grasslands form an important part of our natural heritage providing a vital habitat for birds, butterflies, animals, and plants....more

Coasts: Scotland's Living Landscapes Series

Scotland has nearly 12,000km of coastline, much of it remote, unspoilt and strikingly beautiful. Find out more about this constantly changing environment, the unique habitats, landforms, and wildlife....more